Diversity & Inclusion

The mission of the Heart of Maine United Way is to “Improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of people and communities.” Diversity and inclusion are vital to achieving our mission, living our values and advancing the common good.  We seek to promote these core values as an employer and in the communities in which we work. HoMEUW fosters and promotes an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributes of diverse individuals and organizations in all aspects of our work.  We know that by bringing diverse individuals and viewpoints together we can collectively and more effectively create opportunities for a better life for all.     

Our goal is to have our Board of Directors, Committees, Councils, Management, Staff, and Volunteers reflect the diversity of the many communities of our six county region.  Diversity in this context is defined as valuing individuals without regard to race, religion, color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical challenge, age, educational background and/or economic circumstances.  HoMEUW takes the broadest possible view of diversity, going beyond visible differences to affirm the essence of all individuals including the realities, background, experiences, skills and perspectives that make all people who they are.  

HoMEUW has always depended upon a diverse community for support and serves an even larger and more diverse population through our agency partners.  With this in mind, we will continue to strive in all of our efforts to recognize the diversity of the people of our region and ensure that our organization reflects it. Engaging the power of diverse talent and partners results in innovative solutions and the community ownership necessary to address complex community issues.   

Heart of Maine United Way’s Governance Committee regularly reviews and monitors the organization’s efforts to support diversity and takes actions when necessary.  

We oppose all forms of racism and ethnic discrimination.