Authentic Communication

A Nonviolent Communication Workshop
Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 from 1 pm – 5 pm
Hutchinson Center, Belfast

The team at United Way of Eastern Maine values opportunities for both personal and professional development, and relishes the opportunity to share valuable information like this with the community we so proudly serve.  We are pleased to present a nonviolent communication workshop in partnership with Clarity Services and encourage you to attend.

  • Would your organization benefit from simple direct skills for communicating and connecting even in the midst of stress and conflict?
  • Do you want clear authentic communication that enhances the vision and mission of your organization?
  • Do you want your employees to have the skills to contribute to a sustainable future for your workplace?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, then please join us for an afternoon of authentic communication skill building, led by Peggy Smith of Clarity Services. Clarity Services recognizes the power of non-violent communication to bring authentic harmony to work.

“We help individuals develop communication skills that support them in taking more personal responsibility, while providing meaningful skills to create more connection even when conflict arises.  The result is more authentic harmony and productive communication to get the work done.”

Peggy will walk us through current research which shows that past trauma effects our abilities to have healthy, supportive communication.  During our time together, she will help us explore strategies for healing our brains and building healthy thinking.  Workshop attendees will walk away with practical advice for improving communications and dynamics for families and workplaces.

A BIG thank you to Peggy Smith of Clarity Services for providing this important training.

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