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Waldo Community Action Partners provides programs and services to support members of our community as they strive to lead meaningful and productive lives. We have strong commitments to Transportation Services, Housing Repair Services, Family Services such as Head Start/Child Nutrition, Energy Services, and Community Services carried out in partnership with other community groups.

Success Stories

“You helped me about a month ago. I just wanted to call and thank you. With your help I was able to get my taxes paid on time and am on my way to building my checking account up. It was such a relief. I called the oil company this morning and they told me that was taken care of. I still have some money left on the Hannaford card [you gave me]. I just felt such relief and I wanted to let you know how wonderful you were to me. Thank you so much.” – Client Testimonial

Another family who benefitted was a family consisting of two brothers. One is an Air Force Veteran and both are disabled, living on a shoestring budget. We were able to help them out with fuel, and in the process replaced their fuel gage for them which was so old and often got stuck in place. Now they have a more accurate idea of how much fuel they have.

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$2,000 Funding Amount