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Good Samaritan Agency

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The purpose of the Good Samaritan Agency is to help individuals who have special needs concerning pregnancy and parenting to gain the services and support they need to improve the quality of their lives.

Success Stories

Jamie entered our center as an infant.  He was a fairly happy baby and developmentally, he was on target in terms of typical milestones.  When he turned three, he began to become quite aggressive with his peers and his teachers.  When he didn’t get whatever he wanted, he would scream, stomp his feet and physically hit his teacher.  The preschool teacher, with 16 years experience, tried many different methods in an attempt to first calm him down and then to help him to express his needs in a way that could be helpful. She shared her experiences and concerns with his parents verbally and on daily sheets.  She tried utilizing a safe space, offering various tactile soothing devices and using sticker charts, but to no avail.  She then recommended an evaluation with a behavioral specialist.  After a number of assessments, it was determined that he had an attention deficit disorder, which could be helped with a combination of medication and consistent responses and consequences to his behaviors.  By the time he was ready to start kindergarten, his behavior was noticeably improved and he entered public school ready to continue learning.

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$36,500 Funding Amount