Penquis Financial Capability Program

Funding Agency

Penquis C.A.P., Inc.

Counties Served

Penobscot, Piscataquis
700 Number of Lives Improved

Basic Needs

Financial Stability

Penquis is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1967 to alleviate and eliminate the causes and conditions of poverty. Through its programs and subsidiaries, Penquis impacts all of Maine’s sixteen counties, but primarily serves low- and moderate-income individuals in Penobscot, Piscataquis and Knox counties.

Success Stories

Lauren, a single parent, had the goal of purchasing a reliable vehicle for her family. She had just started developing a plan and setting aside savings for the vehicle when she experienced a significant financial crisis. Unable to pay her rent, Lauren and her children were evicted from their apartment.

Lauren was referred to our financial coaching program. Working with a Penquis counselor, together they developed a plan of action and budget, focusing on obtaining safe and affordable housing. While the vehicle remained a long-term goal for the family, housing became the most immediate. Penquis was able to assist Lauren in finding a new apartment and help her become more financially secure and self-sufficient, all while encouraging her long-range goal of purchasing a vehicle.

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$15,000 Funding Amount