ROAR – Recovery and Opioid Addiction Resources

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Kennebec Behavioral Health

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75 Number of Lives Improved

Substance Use Disorder

The Recovery and Opioid Addiction Resources (ROAR) is a community group of individuals with lived experience around substance use disorder.

Success Stories

Stephanie was struggling with Substance Use Disorder when she found ROAR. While she was a little apprehensive to attend, she took the plunge. It felt great to attend her first meeting with other people in attendance that were like her or had experiences to share of loved ones. Stephanie reported that it gave her a place to celebrate her wins on the recovery journey – a place she could “recover out loud”. Not only that, but she enjoyed finding her voice and helping others during their time of struggle and being part of a team to change the stigma within her own community. It gave her a safe environment to grieve and share her grief and be present without judgement.

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1 (888) 322-2136

$2,500 Funding Amount