1 in 5: Rachelle’s Story of Success

This year we were able to help improve the lives of 60,000 people in Eastern Maine. That’s 1 in 5 Eastern Mainers. Here is the story of just one. There are thousands of stories just like this. 

Meet the newest nurse at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Rachelle Cobb. Rachelle may look like so many of your friends, family or neighbors, but her story and journey is a bit different then you might expect. At 16, a very headstrong and rebellious Rachelle decided that it was time to move out and work full time. She decided she no longer needed to go to school and dropped out. However, everything changed when at 18, she found herself pregnant and not very happy about her work and career prospects. She had been taking night classes to try and finish her high school education, but after her son, Logan, was born that became harder and harder. Luckily, when Logan was 10 months old she found the Good Samaritan Agency in Bangor.

Started in 1902, by 40 women from local area churches, Good Samaritan Agency has an incredible history of helping young women, just like Rachelle, finish their education and develop the skills they need to give their children the best life possible. The program helps these students finish their education and learning the parenting and life skills they need to be successful, as well as, the opportunity to care for their children while they learn.

Rachelle said there couldn’t have been a better set up for her and Logan. In the morning she would focus on getting her classwork and then at lunch she’d walk down the hall to the daycare to finish feeding Logan and put him down for a nap before getting back to work.

Just before her 21st birthday, Rachelle finished her studies and received her high school diploma from Bangor High School. Next up, Eastern Maine Community College to start her prerequisites and pursue her dream of nursing. Luckily Logan was able to stay in the Good Samaritan Day Care while Rachelle got back to her education. After three years at EMCC, she decided she was ready to go after her Bachelor’s degree. It took some time, but based on her own grit and determination she was able to get into Husson University’s school of nursing.

Now, a few years later, with many late nights and some serious juggling, Rachelle is officially a registered nurse. She graduated this spring with honors and had the privilege of being pinned by Logan, who had been watching her all these years work so hard to succeed. She starts work at Eastern Maine Medical Center this fall and can’t wait to get started.

“Time and time again Rochelle demonstrated perseverance in overcoming obstacles, all the while maintaining a strong academic standing. Her ability to navigate through them and still be successful and of good cheer cannot be understated.” – Bruce Robie