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The Charles F. Bragg 2nd Society.

Charles F. Bragg 2nd lived a life devoted to advancing the common good.   He was a tireless volunteer in service to public education and countless organizations, including what is today Heart of Maine United Way. Charlie was among the community members who realized back in the 1930’s that there was a need for one organization to help improve and sustain the quality of life for all—one organization that could accept donations for distribution among a variety of social service organizations.

Formerly called the Red Feather* Society, in 1937 the Bangor Community Chest was formed from this desire, and Charlie played a seminal and sustaining role in its early development.  He instilled in all who knew him an appreciation of the written word, the arts, a strong work ethic, and a feeling of responsibility and respect for all.

His very name conveys a sense of permanence and trust that will endure.  Heart of Maine United Way is honored to establish The Charles F. Bragg 2nd Society in his memory, welcoming all who wish to ensure that the great work United Way does goes on forever.

Pictured: Charles F. Bragg 2nd (left) and Donald J. Eames (right) circa 1950

Current Members

Charles F. Bragg 2nd
Frank and Jane Bragg
John Bragg
Dr. Donald M. Clough Sr.
Carol and Steve Colson

Andy and Patty Hamilton
Elisabeth Hansen
Tracy Harding and Aimee Smith
John and Sid Kuropchak
John Lord

Harris and Judy Madson
Leonard and Renee Minsky
Norman Minsky
Nancy Roberts
Jeff and Deb Sanford

Jeff and Kara O’ Sullivan
Glen Porter
Mike and Nancy Shea
Molly and Patrick Stevens
Jeff and Lisa Wahlstrom

Named Funds

Charles F. Bragg 2nd Fund
Katherine Dolley Fund
The Eames Family Fund
Irene Gray Fund
John and Sidney Kuropchak Fund

John and Maida Marquis Fund
Herbert E. Sargent Fund
Jeff Wahlstrom Fund
G. Peirce Webber Fund

*For more than a thousand years, the red feather has been used as a reward for special acts. England’s Black Prince, during the Crusades, awarded it for unusual acts of valor or chivalry. American Indians awarded red dyed eagle feathers to their most fearless braves, and Robin Hood awarded a red feather to his men for acts of exceptional goodness.

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