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Leaders’ Circle.

Established in 1987, Heart of Maine United Ways Leaders’ Circle is a network of like-minded individuals just like you who contribute at least $1,000 annually. They are committed to strengthening our community and share a vision for advancing the common good in our region. Their generosity has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the well-being of every person living in each of the six counties we serve.  Our Leaders’ Circle does so much to ensure that change in our area is lasting, and that United Way and our partner agencies can continue to provide compassion, dignity, and hope.

By bringing together people with passion, expertise, and resources, we can take on the complex social issues that directly affect our community’s economic vitality and quality of life. Together, we can create real change and improve people’s lives, now and into the future. 

Together, we can create opportunities for our friends and neighbors who need us most. Join the Leaders’ Circle, as an individual or a combined giver, to make an impact in the areas of our community that mean the most to YOU.

Tocqueville Society

Donors at this level give at least $10,000 per year


Donors at this level give between $5,000 and $9,999 per year


Donors at this level give between $2,500 and $4,999 per year


Donors at this level give between $1,500 and $2,499 per year


Donors at this level give between $1,000 and $1,499 per year


Steve and Carrell Chase

Francis & Louise Nichols Foundation

Bailey and Zachary Means

Jen and Bob Montgomery-Rice

Deb and Jeff Sanford

Warren and Evelyn Silver

The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation

2 anonymous donors

$5,000 – $9,999

Erin and Travis Barry

Renee Bishop and Duane Graves

Christienne Boisvert and Orin Buetens

Kris Chahley

Ruth Davis

Timothy Dentry

The Epstein Family

Tim and Kathy Folster

Karen Foxwell

Paul and Rachel Means

Renee Minsky

Kevin and Kendra Overlock

Shirar and Ryan Patterson

Kimberly Paulus

John and Tracy Ronan

Denis and Sue St. Peter

2 anonymous donors

$2,500 – $4,999

Michelle Austin

Jane and Frank Bragg

Dr. Melissa Burch

Robert and Emily Cambria

Yan-Meng Chan

Ken and Gemma Colpritt

David Davoren

Matt Donahue and Derek Mitchell

Jamey and Allison Doughty

Clif and Kay Eames

Samuel Goscinski

Tracy Harding and Aimee Smith

Jen Ireland

Scott Kenney and Lannie Moffatt

Gregory LaFrancois 

Katy Longley

Richard and Deborah Manning

Lisa Martin

Navneet Marwaha

Sabina Medina

Norman Minsky

Don and Laura Mitchell

Jesse and Tim Moriarity

Jay Muth and Carolyn Dorrity

Jill and Travis Noyes

Lori Omlor

John and Debra Pond

Donna Power

Glenn Rampe

Joe and Nancy Roberts

Tracy and Victor Smith

Ralph and Lori Soohey

Kevin and Jacqueline Tesseo

Jeff and Lisa Wahlstrom

Adam Youngblood

3 anonymous donors

$1,500 – $2,499

Carl Babcock, Jr.

Sno and David Barry

Pat Berneche and Family

Jason Bird and Sandy Nesin

Scott Blake and Liz Rettenmaier

Carly Bragg

Bruce and Catherine Brown

Mary Ellen Camire

David and Susan Carlisle

Daniel Cassidy

Theresa Cody

Candace Davis

Joni Decato

Karen Dresser

Wendy and Keith Durrah

Rebecca Dyer

George and Carolyn Eaton

Tim and Amy Estabrook

Doug and Nichi Farnham

Bill and Carol Farthing

John Flynn

Chris Frauenhofer

Dr. Thomas and Uiko Frey

Bill and Tasha Gardner

Eric and Andrea Gifford

Nancy Harrison and Jane Clayton

Lisa Henaghen

Alan and Sheila Hess

Richard and Suellen Jagels

Mary Jackson

Chris LaPlante

Chuck and Belinda Lawrence

Robert and Karen Littlefield

Judy Long

William and Lorilyn Lucy

Richard and Susan McKinley 

Jean Mellett and Edward Rudnicki, Jr

Kenneth Miller

Catherine and Michael Myatt

Scott and Donna Oxley

Emily Parker

Anthony and Joanmarie Pellegrini

David Perkins

Kristen and Ben Perry

Linette and Norman Poirer

Linda Ramsey

Paola Rinaldi-Whitham

Eric Ritchie

Ron and Jeanne Russell

Joe and Janet Scully

Ben and Peggy Smith

Christopher Snowdeal

Robert and Nina Sutcliffe

Elizabeth Sutherland and Ric Tyler

Jace and Terry Trickey

Suzanne Tyler and Dennis Casey

Dr. and Mrs. Roger WIlson

Christopher Winstead

Krista Wrona

4 anonymous donors

$1,000 – $1,499

Douglas Abbott

Glenn Adams

Ryan Albert

Kay and Kevin Allcroft

Albert Allen

Bill and Sally Arata

Carrie and Christopher Arsenault

Jaime Audet

Maureen Bambrick

Zakkary W. Bates-Moody

Don Becker

Kevin Black

Kristy Blackwood

Donna Boeham

John and Marjorie Bradford

John and Theresa Bragg

James and Betsy Braley

Lillian Brewer

Charles and Jane Burger

David and Amanda Butterfield

Carol Carew

John Carr

Kyle and Julie Casburn

Tabatha Caso

Lee and Ann Chick

Dan and Nancy Coffey

Kelly Cross

Kerry Crowley

Amanda Cummings

David Cyr

Christopher Day

Diane Dickerson

Brian and Susan Donahue 

Jason Donovan

Thomas Dowling

Paul Dube

Jon and Lisa Eames

Barbara Edmond

Danielle Faloon Saucier

Suzanne Farley

Carolyn Fetha

Anthony Filer

Nicole Fletcher

Keith Forsman

Patrick and Tori Gaetani

Shane Gagnon

Susan Gallant

Robert and Mary Gardner

Sherry Gerow

Jade Giger

Deborah A. Giguere and Andrew Stewart

Edward Gilkey

Diana Godin

Claire Good

Jennifer Goodrich

Brian and Gail Hamel

Bill and Tammy Haney

Ben and Betty Ann Haskell

Stacey M. Hatch

Kara Hay

Colleen Hilton

Rodney and Susan Jacobs

Jeffrey and Joan Jeter

Geoffrey and Kathryn Johnson

Scott Kelley

Renee Kelly

Andrew King

Frank King

Jillian King

John and Patricia Kuropchak

Christopher Laird

Patricia Lewis-Fagan

Caitlyn Long

John M. Lord and Kelly Cotiaux

Dennis Lord

Savannah Lowrey-Coombs

Lin and Mabel Lufkin

Kristi Lyford

Robert MacArthur III

Dr. and Mrs. David McDermott

Dan and Nancy McKay

Richard A Mckinley

Michael Melia

Sean and Sandra Milligan

Warren Morgan

Phil and Bonnie Morissette

Mike and Cat Myatt

David Noto

Michael O’Connor

Rand O’Leary

Jacqueline Ouellette-Keene

Shareen Palmacci

Todd Pineo

Kimberly Plourde

Glen Porter and Jean Deighan

Jessamine and Jon Pottle

Bob Potts

Lucy Quimby and Geoffrey Gratwick

Richard Redmond

Tom and Sue Reid

Jaime Rogers

Ron Roope

Carolyn M. Russell

Cheryl A. Russell

Kimberly Sanborn

Craig and Mary Saunders

Kurt and Karen Schaller

Melanie Scharrer

Nanette Searway

John Seavey

Marie and Tim Sereyko

Christopher Shaw

Jaclyn and David Silk

Cora Smith

Lee Souweine

Karl-Heinz Spittler, MD

Suzanne Spruce

Heidi Stanhope

David Stratton

DeAnna Street

Belinda Swett

Bob and Kristen Strong

Debra Terone

Jeff Teunisen

Matt and Kim Thibault

Deanna Thurston

Jeanne Weeks

Megan Welch

Lancey Wheaton

Dr. Sheena Whittaker

Stanley Whittemore

Stephen and Marlene Wight

Ann-Marie Williams

Vaughn York

Thad Zmistowski

6 anonymous donors