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Brewer Area Food Pantry.

Funding Agency: OHI (Brewer Area Food Pantry)

Counties Served: Penobscot

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We offer people with disabilities the resources they need to make life choices and set their own goals. OHI is a Maine-based, public nonprofit organization providing supports and services for the past 40 years.

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

During the spring of 2020, a Hispanic man and his young son came to the Brewer Area Food Pantry with a woman who introduced herself as his interpreter.  She told a staff member there he and his son had just moved to the United States and were living at a local hotel in Brewer and needed emergency assistance with food.  She explained because of his ethnicity, he and his son would be interested in unique foods and asked if the pantry could help.  Staff and volunteers allowed the man and son to enter the pantry and choose their own food.  This is not a standard practice at the food pantry; however, is was necessary in this circumstance.  They were both extremely grateful and continued to come to the food pantry throughout the year.  During that time, staff and volunteers connected the man to resources enabling him to secure a job as a carpenter, secure a home for his son and other family who were waiting to move to the United States.  After about a year, he was able to support his family and no longer needed food assistance from the food pantry.