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Funding Agency: Common Unity Place

Counties Served: Somerset

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Our mission is to be a resource hub for the Skowhegan area by developing partnerships and services that meet critical needs and create positive social change.

According to US Census data, one in five Somerset County residents live in poverty. In addition, adult females are more likely than their male counterparts to live in poverty and according to KVCAP’s 2018 Needs Assessment over half (51%) of the households in Somerset County are
headed by “single moms” with children under the age of five.

In Skowhegan, poverty is experienced by one in four residents with more than half (54%) of the children under 5 in Skowhegan experiencing poverty.

People living in the crisis of poverty experience a myriad of conditions and
circumstances that contribute to holding them in (or pushing them to) poverty that are vast and complex.

The goal of Common Unity Place is to provide all vulnerable persons in Skowhegan low barrier access to basic needs (specifically clothing, food, personal care items and a sense of belonging) connections to resources, programs, and supports in a safe, clean, welcoming physical space.

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

The Police Chief called one snowy evening to ask when we were open, that he had a homeless man that needed socks. The following day an officer showed up with the man who only wanted wool socks. When we looked at his feet, he had on a pair of worn out shoes , so we asked if he needed boots. He answered that he wore a size 13 and no one carried that size. We searched the stock room and found a new pair of LL Bean boots that were his size.  As he was trying them on we also found a couple pair of flannel layered pants and a pair of snow pants that fit him. He told us that we were the,”angels in his life.” They police officer thanked us for being so kind.