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Habitat for Humanity Affordable Homeownership.

Funding Agency: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor

Counties Served: Penobscot

Basic Needs

Substance Use Disorder

Number of Lives Improved

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Seeking to put G​od’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

When you are working full-time as a couple and dream of a space for your children to grow and build memories in, the most heartbreaking word you can hear is “No.” For our family, this word, “No” was the devastating closed door to their dream home, one that they heard not because of any financial disqualification, but because Mom had not been in the country long enough for the bank to grant them a mortgage. Nearing the due date for their twins and with an almost two year old, the walls of a two-bedroom apartment felt smaller than ever to the echoing of “No.” Then a co-worker spoke to Dad about Habitat and the possibility of “Yes.” Afraid to cause further disappointment, Dad meet with Habitat alone to discuss the program and learn about the three-bedroom condo that needed a family to take ownership and make it their home. It was a very excited meeting for all of us because our family was exactly who we were looking for–an easy “Yes” and one that we were overwhelmingly emotional to share with Mom. While there are few words to express the joy of Key Day at Habitat, Key Day with our family was exactly that, pure joy at the opportunity to open a door, set a foundation, and welcome a family into THEIR home.