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Healthy Acadia’s Food for All Program.

Funding Agency: Healthy Acadia

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Healthy Acadia is a nonprofit organization that works on a broad range of community health initiatives that help Hancock and Washington counties to thrive. Since 2001, we have worked to identify priority health needs and to address root causes. We convene and facilitate numerous collaborative community efforts with shared leadership from many sectors to develop plans and take action to improve health and wellbeing, and to rapidly respond to critical and emergent health needs in our communities.

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

Since our Food for All Programs are a step removed from direct client service, in that we work primarily with food security organizations to increase their supply of healthy food, fundraise, and build their capacity overall, we would like to share some quotes from recent surveys of our food security partners.

“Many of our clients look for fresh produce more than anything else, and Healthy Acadia really helps to fill that need for them!!” – Ken Hoogerhyde, Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

“With the support of Healthy Acadia’s gleaned fresh product, we are able to increase the amount of fresh food shared with our pantry guests.” – Machias Food Pantry

“The gleaned produce donations give us the opportunity to provide nutritious meals and fresh produce to our community. It makes a huge impact.”  – Laurie Ward, Common Good Soup Kitchen

“The apple gleaning works very well and gives us the opportunity to provide fresh fruit to the students in the BackPack Program. The fresh carrots and cucumbers are cut up into snack sticks and packaged in baggies for the backpacks. The kids love these treats.” – Rose Anne Schultz of the Hancock Grammar School Backpack Program

“The Gleaning Initiative of Healthy Acadia is a program that has benefited the soup making that St. Brendan the Navigator Episcopal Church does monthly for Simmering Pot. Last summer we were regularly able to plan the soup we made for 120+ people around the beautiful gleaned produce that Healthy Acadia made available to us. The Gleaning organizer, Rachel Emus, has a wonderful system worked out to notify groups about the available produce and expedite pick-up that works for the group. In the meantime the produce is stored beautifully and retains its freshness. Working with the Gleaners is a pleasure.” – Josephine Jacob, Simmering Pot Meal Program

In addition to working with traditional food assistance programs, we partner with several other social service organizations that work with low-income or otherwise marginalized community members. In 2021 we launched a new partnership with the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse, a mental health recovery and vocational rehabilitation program in Ellsworth. Fresh veggies were delivered to the Clubhouse on a weekly basis, which were turned into communal meals that members prepared and enjoyed together. Sending produce to this program has increased the volume and variety of fresh, healthy food consumed by the Clubhouse community.

“By supplying gleaned produce to Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse, Healthy Acadia allowed staff and members to experience a variety of foods they would not otherwise have tried. Having old members and young members work together to create new and exciting meals is an important aspect of Clubhouse that goes beyond just eating and is made possible because of all the healthy fruits and vegetables provided by this fantastic program.” – Alice Grindle, Eagles Nest Clubhouse Unit Coordinator.