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Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry Distribution.

Funding Agency: Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

Counties Served: Hancock

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Our mission at Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry is to feed and serve the hungry. We strive to eliminate food insecurity in Hancock County. We treat all with respect so that they leave our pantry not just with groceries, but also with dignity and hope.

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

Not too long ago we received a very tentative call from a young woman who wanted to schedule her first appointment with us.  In the course of that call she was very hesitant and changed her mind multiple times – I do want an appointment, Nevermind …I don’t want an appointment, my kids are hungry…I do want an appointment.  She finally decided that her hunger, and that of her two young children, out-wieghed her hesitation and embarassment.  She arrived to the pantry in tears with her sister in tow “for moral support”.  She shared with us that she had recently found herself as a single mother with only limited part time employment.  She was quite reticent to become a food pantry client until there was virtually nothing left for them to eat and her children were so hungry that they were sad, complaining and finding it difficult to concentrate at school.  Prior to the break-up, they were “just making ends meet” and were not qualified for SNAP benefits, school lunch etc.  This young mother was able to select the food that she needed (including necessary, typically quite expensive, gluten-free options).  Both she and her sister left the pantry shedding tears of gratitude and scheduled for an appointment for the following month.  This young lady immediately posted to FaceBook about her experience – leaving the pantry volunteers in tears as well.  She did call us before that month was up to let us know that she couldn’t quite make it that long and she requested a to visit sooner…another confirmation that we needed to consider changing our model.  She made 4 regularly scheduled visits to the pantry as “she was getting back on her feet”, every time discussing meals that she might prepare utilizing the resources that we had to offer.  We don’t see her regularly now but she has shared that her limited experience with us made such a huge difference during a most difficult time in her life and allowed her the opportunity to focus on “fixing other things” without having to worried about her children going hungry.