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Meals on Wheels – Somerset County

Funding Agency: Spectrum Generations

Counties Served: Waldo, Somerset

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Spectrum Generation’s mission is to promote and advance the well-being and independence of older and disabled adults, with the support of their care partners, to live in their community of choice.

Programs We Fund

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Although the nutritional benefits of Meals on Wheels are often what is talked about, there is a great deal of value in the safety check that occurs at each delivery as well. Spectrum Generations’ volunteer drivers complete a consumer safety check on every delivery, and report any changes or concerns in an effort to monitor and ensure the wellbeing of each homebound and disabled older adult.

In a Meals on Wheels consumer survey completed by Spectrum Generations in 2022, the report found that approximately 20% of consumers seldom or never have contact aside from their Meals on Wheels delivery.

In early May 2022, a volunteer driver was unable to make contact, and ultimately unable to make delivery, with a Meals on Wheels consumer in Waldo County. After several attempts, the driver knew something wasn’t right. Following Spectrum Generations’ protocols for consumer safety, the driver called the Searsport Police Department and requested they complete a safety check.

The consumer was found to have fallen on the ground and was not sure how long he had been down. This safety check brought awareness to the consumer’s family, as well as the Searsport Police Department, who began keeping a closer eye on this individual.

The consumer unfortunately fell again the next day. He suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized but was thankfully accompanied by family instead of being alone. Without the safety check performed during meal delivery, this story would have had a very different and tragic outcome.

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