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Meals on Wheels Waldo County.

Funding Agency: Spectrum Generation

Counties Served: Waldo

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Our mission is to promote and advance the well-being and independence of older and disabled adults, with the support of their care partners, to live in their community of choice.

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

Amy, a Waldo County resident, shares her Meals on Wheels experience from the perspective of a caregiver: “The weekly Meals on Wheels delivery to my parent’s home in Belfast has had an amazing impact. This program has been life changing and health changing for both of my parents, and they absolutely love the meals they receive.

My father, Ed, is 86 years old and has many health issues including rheumatoid arthritis that cannot be treated with medications due to kidney disease. My father can barely use his hands and is in extreme pain from the arthritis but continues to care for my mother on a daily basis at their home with help from our family.

My mother, Doris, has Alzheimer’s dementia. She was diagnosed just before the pandemic hit. She cannot take care of herself and needs assistance with activities of daily living including all of her meals prepared and set out. Her blood sugar numbers have always been very high because my parents used to eat fast food or eat out at restaurants often. She was also overweight and had cholesterol issues and high blood pressure.

It had become very hard for my father to cook meals at home due to his health issues. A relative told us about Meals On Wheels and said we should look into it. We did call and they told us they could make the meals diabetic- and cardiac-friendly. We assumed those meals would not be too tasty but decided to go with it. Well, my parents just rave over the taste of those meals! They come in trays that are frozen and all my father has to do is microwave them and dinner is served! They are also given milk and bread and many other side goodies including fruits, crackers, and small packets of Teddy Grahams – my mom’s favorite!

The best part of this story is that both of my parent’s bloodwork have come back great! Their blood sugars are much lower, their blood pressures are normal, and my mom has lost weight and her cholesterol levels are in check! What a godsend Meals On Wheels is for my parents, and we will continue to support this program long into the future so others in the same situation as my parents can receive the amazing benefits from Meals On Wheels”