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Warming Center.

Funding Agency: Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

Counties Served: Penobscot

Basic Needs


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The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter is open 365 days a year, providing Overnight Shelter, Day Services, a daily Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry and an overnight Winter Warming Center

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

Last winter a gentleman began coming into the Warming Center on a regular basis. He was very quiet and did not initiate conversation with anyone. One of our Shelter Aides noticed that the man had what appeared to be an injured hand and decided to sit down and engage him in conversation. During their talk she found out that the man had recently experienced a heart attack which caused him to quit his job and he lost his place to live. He also needed hand surgery desperately but didn’t have a home or any belongings other than the cloths on his back and a bicycle. She proceeded to complete the Shelter intake process with him as a bed had opened. Once in the Shelter, the man was able to get Maine Care, case management and other supportive services. He also got his hand surgery. Once recovered, he regularly volunteered to help with Shelter tasks like kitchen duty, chores, and organizing the donation center. After several months we were able to help him get into permanent housing, but that wouldn’t be the last we saw of him. He immediately applied to be a volunteer at the Shelter and was brought in as the Volunteer In-Kind Donation Manager. This gentleman still needed a regular income, so we contacted an organization called A4TD who pays people 55 and older to volunteer so they can learn new skills and re-enter the workforce, and they accepted him into the program. He now volunteers at the Shelter and is paid a regular hourly wage by A4TD. This gentleman’s success aligns with the Opportunity 2028 Bold Goal because our organization met his basic needs first through the Warming Center and today, he is self-sufficient and enjoys serving his community.