Programs We Fund

Y Academy Before and After School Program.

Funding Agency: Bangor Region YMCA

Counties Served: Penobscot

Quality Early Learning

Number of Lives Improved

Funding Amount

Our goal is to not only ensure a safe space for children to be when they are not in school, but to also provide them with 9 Core Components:

  1. Tutoring & Mentoring
  2. 21st Century Skills
  3. College & Career Preparation (STEAM)
  4. Service Learning Activities
  5. Arts
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Health & Wellness Activities
  8. Parents & Family Community
  9. Global Learning/Clean Up/Small Group Games

Programs We Fund

Success Stories.

The following email testimonial is from a Bangor-based, single-parent mom whose 6-year-old child enrolled full-time in the Bangor Region YMCA’s Y Academy Before and After School program in 2021.
“I want to thank you again for all that you do to help our family. I have truly struggled with parenting. Unfortunately, I do not have the positive parenting skills I want, and as I am learning I have come to realize just how fortunate I am to have Brantley enrolled in such a FANTASTIC program. Brantley’s favorite thing about his day is going to the YMCA. He loves the atmosphere and so do I. (The staff) have been amazing. I struggle with social anxiety and tend to be awkward and say things that are a bit “off” and yet they treat me with such grace and kindness. They have been extremely helpful and patient. It’s very uplifting and helps me incredibly. I want you to know just how GRATEFUL we really are for the program and how much we gain from being a part of your ‘family.’ “