Week of Action

We need YOU to get involved during HoMEUW’s annual United Week of Action coming in May 2023! HoMEUW will offer a variety of activities that will support programs and partners across our region. This is a great way for companies and individuals to volunteer and give back by assisting non-profits with indoor and outdoor projects or participating in a food drive. HoMEUW’s United Week of Action needs YOU to make a difference in our community!


Interested in Volunteering?

Click HERE and signing up to volunteer for any of the Week of Action projects.


Are you a local non-profit that has a project  you would like to offer during the Week of Action?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit https://volunteerme.homeunitedway.org/https://volunteerme.homeunitedway.org/
  2. Login using the credentials for your organization*
  3. Select “MY ORGANIZATION” from the top banner bar
  4. Select “ADVANCED EVENTS” within your toolbox
  5. Add New Opportunity! Repeat as needed
  6. *Note: Use these links to Register a new organization or update/forgot your password


For each approved project, HoMEUW will work to recruit and engage community members and businesses to fill your service opportunity.  Please let us know if you need assistance or encounter any trouble entering your project into VolunteerME.


We would ask that you submit your projects by May 2 to give volunteers, both teams and individuals, plenty of time to sign up for projects. However, the sooner projects are submitted, the faster we can use them to entice help getting it done! We have found it is easier to recruit help from volunteers when they know the projects they are signing up for.


Please contact us at 207-941-2800 or volunteer@homeunitedway.org with any questions or concerns. Thank you for all you do across our communities!


Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Saturday, May 13 the National Association of Letter Carriers’ Food Drive, the largest food drive in the country, is back! Also known as “leave a bag of food at your mailbox day” we are so excited to coordinate this great effort!

2021 Video: